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MSA Conference and AGM Empty MSA Conference and AGM

Post by The Boss on Sun Mar 20, 2011 6:16 pm

We attended the MSA Conference and AGM at the weekend, and found it to be one of the best we have been to.
Held in Doncaster the proceedings started with the usual openings and introductions, moving on quite quickly to the first speaker.

First speaker was Sue McCormack, talking to us about coaching. This started well with Sue getting some audience participation with “scaling” but IMO did not emphasise the link to coaching or explain what part scaling takes in a coaching session, this may have been an oversight or an assumption that the audience already knew the connection. Sue also used two real pupil scenarios to relate personal experience; it was very disappointing that both were retrospective elements of a training session, thus detracting from coaching principals.

We then enjoyed a humorous insight into the history of Hyundai, WOW a huge company. Then we were introduced to the product range, again reasonably impressive. Being the main sponsor of the event should we have been surprised that this went slightly over time.

This lead to the workshops, there were three of these. But because of the time frame delegates were only able to attend two of these.
We chose to attend the “Grade 6 Lesson = a Grade 6 Check Test” and “Climbing the Google Listings”

The Grade 6 session was presented by Karl Satloka and Cos Antoniou, MSA board members. We did not feel a reference to a grade 6 lesson was used, more a common sense approach to the day. However in our opinion all of their credibility disappeared when they used the slide with the core competencies on as quoted below:-

Fault Identification.
Did You Identify The Faults ?

Fault Analysis.
Correct It ? Not Always On The Move

Fault Remedy
Will The Pupil know What T Do Next Time ?

This was supported by the presenters and spoilt an otherwise enthusiastic presentation.

The next workshop was for us the highlight of the day. This was about “Climbing The Google Listings” Presented by Jo Chapman, who has taken the time to tell all who will listen, how she has used Google to help her achieve success running a driving school. Jo had some great tips some of which we have implemented already.
Barry Grainger Insurance, then gave a short presentation before the AGM.

John and his team in true MSA style took us through the Awards and the AGM swiftly, great as lunch was next. Lunch was very good, not simple food but plenty and served hot.

After lunch we had a presentation about Safeguarding Children and measures ADIs can take to help or protect themselves. Interesting but seemed that in reality it would be a rare occurrence, therefore we saw little direct benefit.

We were surprised to see a bit of an exodus of delegates as the DSA speakers were about give up their time.
First up was Charles Morton, he brought us up to date with the level of ADIs and PDIs and some projected figures. We found this quite enlightening.

Next Trevor Wedge, told us about his efforts and in general the role of CIECA. This we also found very enlightening. So it was unfortunate that Trevor’s dulcet tones did have some of the delegates counting Z ‘s.
On a personal note I was very disappointed after posing a question to Trevor regarding Fleet Check Tests, he asked if I could give him more detail after the event. I waited patiently to speak to him after the meeting closed, whereupon he excused himself for a photo call, only to hastily leave through another door. I laid chase only to see him way ahead of everyone else hotfooting it across the car park.

All in all a good conference.

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