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What the learner wants Empty What the learner wants

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:39 pm

I remember learning to drive, getting into the car and expecting to get out after with an achievement, or at least a sense of one. As a teenager I would definitely have not bought into coaching, or the style as presented from instructors that I have spoken to. Some of this is because ADI's grab a concept and then try and sell it, singing it's praises and yet only thinking they understand the concept, rather than displaying real proof of doing so.

There are plenty of instructors who are teaching by rote, do they produce less safe drivers? Do the ADI's who use Gestalt produce less safe drivers? The DSA have bought into coaching as an addition to other teaching methods, but not as a be all and end all. Coaching is productive in all areas of life, but variety presents the spice, surely?



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