cashing in or a real demand?

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cashing in or a real demand?

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:05 pm

There have been many coaching courses offered over the last year, and some have signed into one that is spread over 12 months, with a qualification at the end, but how much worth does it have?

Any course can be acreditted if you have the time and money to jump through the hoops, the requirements are not particularly stringent, and the availability for any of Joe Public to produce a course and have an acredittation is reasonably straight forward.

The biggest question has to be, following the crowd? Or a really worthwhile course that will benefit on a day to day basis, to take on board everything gleaned and implement it everyday?

Course delivery can be smooth and well practised but what are the qualifications of those delivering in the first place. For a coaching course in particular, the tutor needs a coaching portfolio, this is proven hours of coaching delivered not as a course but on a one to one or one to two basis. This is overlooked by the trainee mainly because of good sales pitches and an urgency not to be left behind, having a degree, or years of working within the driver training sector is not enough, however, there are those playing on their name to summon sales.



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