Coaching, introduction or advanced?

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Coaching, introduction or advanced?

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:23 pm

If you are looking for a coaching course, because you feel it will enhance your work, why not sign up for an introduction to coaching course. These courses are certificated, you will receive a workbook and an opportunity to record your CPD, however the worth is in the course content, and how you can develop your own route through your career.

For those involved in driver training, you need to know the qualifications of your course tutor. On the day the tutor will list their qualifications and answer any questions concerning their ability to deliver the course. To deliver a coaching course as a tutor for Central Driver Training they must have a portfolio of coaching hours, this is not hours of course delivery, this is working with a client on a 1/1 or 1/2 basis over a period of time, often a year for executive coaching, maybe more. For non-executive coaching, the work spans the time scale dictated by a client.

For those involved in a career outside of driver training, the same requirements for the tutor apply. Coaching is not subject dependent, it is a life skill that adapts to any environment.

Coaching is client led, and different time scales suit different people, to take on board coaching you need to have an open mind and be receptive. To be coached rather than attend a course, you would need an interview with an executive coach to determine suitability before any acceptance.

Our coaching introduction course covers multiple topics, this includes dispelling any myths surrounding coaching, what coaching is, how it can help you everyday and how to begin a journey into coaching including the benefits and rewards.

Our advanced coaching course is for someone who has either attended our introduction course, or for someone has previous coaching experience within the driver training industry. It is on road as well as in class and explores indepth coaching in a pure form. This course spans 2 days.

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