Breathiliser kits

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Breathiliser kits

Post by Lily-Anne on Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:18 am

In France it is a legal requirement to carry a disposable breathiliser at all times, to be found not to have one if stopped results in a hefty fine. A massive financial saving for the Police, and the transfer of responsibility to the driver as they cannot at any time say they were unaware they were over the limit.
Our Government is looking for us to reduce the blood alcohol level to 50mg, this is on it's second reading in Parliament, the odds seem to be in favour of this being a successful motion, therefore will the next step be for us to have the same requirement? If so, how will we know? If 101 as a Police contact number is not advertised, is there any hope for this? Or will it be a public information film?


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