EU Legislation Changes

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EU Legislation Changes

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:14 pm

Would you like your say in EU legislation?

Well now is your chance. The EU Commision is running a promotion from 1st April 2012, where you can put forward any changes you think should be implemented. This available across Europe and not just in the EU. An organising committee made up of at least 7 citizens living in at least 7 different EU countries can launch an initiative.

They must ask for their initiative to be registered on the new website before collecting statements of support from other citizens.

The Commission has 2 months to consider whether the proposed initiative follows the rules – for example, it cannot be “manifestly contrary” to the EU’s values.

If the registration is confirmed, organisers have 1 year to gather 1 million signatures from at least 7 EU countries, including a minimum number from each country.

These are initiatives being put forward, once agreed then it can begin the process. For those involved in road safety, I am sure there are many things you wish to amend or change that are covered by the EU, just a couple of months to get your thinking hats on, or to contact your local association.

Any more info and how to apply will follow.



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