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Road casualty figures Empty Road casualty figures

Post by Lily-Anne on Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:01 pm

The 2011 q3 figures have been published, with the warning these are just estimates. So will the figures be massaged? It is felt that 2011 will pass the 2000 mark, after a record year in 2010 of 1850.

So what will happen to the future of road safety? Is the government doing enough? The transport secretary seems to be spread thinly when so much is going on in transport in the UK, with the rail, the olympics and the underground. Travel does need improvements and up dating isn't before time, however are we compromising road safety?

Cyclist accidents have increased in the last two years, and it appears from talking to experienced drivers that atitude towards cyclists is poor, cyclists are seen as the bane of the motorist, running red lights, riding on pavements and squeezing in gaps too close to cars, although cyclists are the vulnerable road user, few see that as the problem of the driver, meaning more education is needed, but where from? If budgets are cut and resources are stretched, what becomes the way forward? With the ADI starting to feel pressure to prove their worth and committment to the training industry, will they find all the responsibility to provide the 'perfect' driver is landing on their shoulders?

To read another article on this subject see [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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