Implementation of 3rd Directive

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Implementation of 3rd Directive

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:57 pm

The one thing that so many trainers said would never come about, because the implementation time was too long. However for anything to be successfully incorporated by 27 members tates, a time frame is essential.

The 19th January 2013 appears to be the launch date for the majority of change. According to the Commission, compulsory CPD, improved standards of examiners, tightening regulations for young drivers, and a skill maintenance programme for full licence holders. The AA have been first to jump on the band wagon by offering refresher training to over 65's, and other large organisations are expected to follow. An advanced certifcate of competency, which can be acreditted by Edexcel, if one chooses to take that route, will help with the credit system apparently being worked on.

Changes across the board are not just within driver training, but all professions.



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