Road safety in Europe

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Road safety in Europe Empty Road safety in Europe

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:59 am

The predicted road fatality figures for the EU shows a rise of 2%, it is indicated that the 2011 figure for the UK will rise back over 2000 from 1850 in 2010, so what has changed? We are running more diversionary courses to educate, the engineering is improving and there are less vehicles on the road because of the current financial climate. Reports suggest that young people are holding off learning to drive until they are a little older and can afford to finance a car, so why the rise? Have figures been massaged to help, and there is room for no more tweaking?

The motorcycle fatality figures have stayed consistent, so nothing has improved in that arena.

The cyclist fatality figure has gone up, are we avoiding the car to save money? However with the odds being less than favourable, is the car a life saver for the driver over 25? After all what price is a life?



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