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Post by Lily-Anne on Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:53 pm

Well that moment came and went, company car driver was late - panic moment! SE was ever so nice, very professional, but then I would say that because I kept my six, although I think it was a bit skin of the teeth going by the chat after. He commended my CCL saying that to keep a fleet badge it is vital that we are seen to coach and use client led learning as the only way! He also said that I didn't always ask leading questions and that is therefore not coaching, and I was over familiar with my company car driver - oops - which got me a 5 for attitude and approach ... I didn't hug him or anything - honest!

The car could have been cleaner but he does do 1500 miles a week at least but the SE was only concerned whether the vehicle was smoky as that wouldn't be acceptable. He did ask before we started if I really need my badge for fleet, which I do, and went through the fact that many obtain fleet never take out a fleet driver and then flounder on a check test, however personally I think they should encourage the fleet CT for those who have the qualification, after all it is CPD and you can never have too many qualifications. I also did get asked what sort of CPD I am doing and my plans for future improvement.

He talked a lot about future improvement asked what I had learned from the experience, and talked about the check test being a positive experience drawing on previous experience. All in all it was a positive experience, I felt quite confident at the start but when my driver said he was feeling tired i did wonder if I should have force fed him Red Bull (joke)


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