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Road safety UK

Post by Lily-Anne on Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:30 pm

So the EU Commission for road safety is going to put pressure on road safety ministers to explain their strategy for 2011/2020, well what are we going to say in the UK? It seems that Mike Penning hasn't given in to pressure and released targets, so will we flounder? The UK has a predicted 6% increase in fatality figures for 2011, some down to the turning off of speed cameras temporarily, to save money but cost lives, but what about the other schemes are they not effective enough?

I see that Norman Baker is to be questioned about this, I wonder if we will now come up with targets so everyone in road safety can see where the resources are needed and concentrate their efforts, otherwise the desired 2050 figures of road fatlities of zero will not be met, or will the plan to move travel out of town and back to public transposrt mean the figures are massaged but improvement is nil? Do we really want to have our choice taken away about how we travel?


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