20 mph and home zones

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20 mph and home zones

Post by Admin on Sun May 20, 2012 4:33 pm

It is interesting to read that 20mph limits within London are decided by fatality and collision data, the more accidents the greater probability that a 20 limit along with traffic calming, in particular speed humps and speed cushions, will be introduced. Although it is widely accpeted that the UK are reactive, there has to be a trend at some point towards proactive. Casualty figures show a drop of 9%, however, it seems that complacency does set in and drivers who are regular visitors to the area of lower zones take les notice of speed control as time goes on.

The HA announced that they believe the majority of drivers do not consciously speed, something supported by casualty reduction partnerships, however on the major trunk roads and motorways that may be particularly true, but then these roads expect high speed, and sheep driving, whereas although follow the leader driving is obviously prevalent in urban areas, there is more going on and attention of the driver does take into account risk, particularly in the more experienced age group.

So will 20 limits and home zones be pushed out across all of the UK? Apparently so. Will it include low casualty areas, possibly, so can we assume proactive, in the current climate? Unlikely. With a fund of £520m for cycle lane improvements, one has to wonder which line of priority will be taken. Pedestrian death is high in the child age groups, but unfortunately cyclist death is higher than the previous year. With 2011 figures being released next month there is lots of speculation that the figure has risen even though traffic volume has fallen.



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