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Post by Admin on Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:43 am

It's been quite clear for sometime that CPD, or skills maintenance for driving instructors, will eventually be compulsory, and provision for this is already available in current legislation, the format however, is a guess. Although the DSA have put forward a CPD record form, there is no legality attached to it. Modernising driver training has to be a must, but typically because the legal system is such a slow horse, it feels as if these things will never happen. The reality is that the slow horse is near the last fence, as some will know, in 2000 a target date was set of 2013, now the EU is reaching the end of their trials it seems skills maintenance will cover everything from formal qualifications, to non-formal qualifications and an assessment of the instructors driving ability. The want for this within in some circles has been around for many years, with the suggestion that if ADIs are educating driving, their skills need to be of a consistent standard.

There is more information on this, on our Industry News board, available to view by forum members.


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